G. S. Mandal's

MIT College of Food Technology , Aurangabad

(Affiliated to Vasantrao Naik Marathwada Krishi Vidyapeeth, Parbhani-College Code: 16281)

About B. Tech. (Food Technology) Programme

Food Technology deals with the post harvest technology where the seasonal agricultural and horticultural produce is processed & preserved for long periods for safe storage and further usage at a later date. B Tech degree course in Food Technology impart in-depth knowledge of Science and Technology and various skills involved in processing and preservation of foods. It also emphasize the knowledge of food safety and quality, food trade practices, entrepreneurship development in food business and associated food laws, rules and its regulation.

Duration : 4 years-8 Semesters

Course work - 6 Semesters
Hands on training-I Semester
In plant training- I Semester

Syllabus-Semester I

Sr. No Course No. Course Title Credit
1 FST-111 Principles of Food Processing 2+1=3
2 FST-112 Food Production Trends and Programs 2+0=2
3 FCN-111 Biochemistry 2+1=3
4 FCN-112 Food Chemistry-I 2+1=3
5 FE-111 Engineering Drawing 0+1=1
6 FE-112 Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics 1+1=2
7 FIM-111 Fundamentals of Microbiology 2+1=3
8 Phy. Edn.-111 Physical Education 0+1=1 (NC)
9 AL-111 Mathematics 2+0 =2(NC)
Total Credits 13+7=20

Syllabus-Semester II

Sr. No Course No. Course Title Credit
1 FST-123 Postharvest Management of Fruit and Vegetable 2+1=3
2 FST-124 Cereal Processing 2+1=3
3 FCN-123 Food Chemistry-II 2+1=3
4 FCN-124 Human Nutrition 2+1=3
5 FE-123 Energy Generation and Conservation 2+1=3
6 FE-124 Heat and Mass Transfer 1+1=2
7 FIM-122 Food Microbiology 2+1=3
8 AL-122 Mathematics 1+1=2 (NC)
Total Credits 14+8=22

Syllabus-Semester III

Sr. No Course No. Course Title Credit
1 FST-235 Legumes and Oilseed Technology 2+1=3
2 FST-236 Meat, Poultry and Fish Technology 2+1=3
3 FST-237 Wheat Milling and Baking Technology 2+1=3
4 FST-238 Confectionery Technology 1+1=2
5 FCN-235 Techniques in Food Analysis 1+2=3
6 FE-235 Food Processing Equipments-I 2+1=3
7 FE-236 Food Packaging 2+1=3
8 FIM-233 Fermentation and Industrial Microbiology 2+1=3
Total Credits 14+9=23

Syllabus-Semester IV

Sr. No Course No. Course Title Credit
1 FST-249 Fruit and Vegetable Processing 2+1=3
2 FST-2410 Food Quality 1+1=2
3 FST-2411 Processing of Milk and Milk Products 1+1=2
4 FST-2412 Spice and Flavor Technology 2+1=3
5 FCN-246 Food Additives 2+1=3
6 FCN-247 Environmental Science 2+1=3
7 FE-246 Food Processing Equipments-II 2+1=3
8 FIM-244 Food Safety and Microbial Standards 2+1=3
Total Credits 14+8=22

Syllabus-Semester V

Sr. No Course No. Course Title Credit
1 FST-3513 Food Industry By-products and Waste Utilization 1+1=2
2 FST-3514 Carbonated Beverage Technology 1+1=2
3 FE-357 Refrigeration Engineering and Cold Chain 2+1=3
4 FE-358 Biochemical Engineering 2+1=3
5 FE-359 Instrumentation and Process Control 2+1=3
6 FIM-355 Food Biotechnologies 2+1=3
7 FTBM-351 Co-operation, Marketing and Finance 2+1=3
8 FTBM-352 Business Management and International Trade 2+0=2
Total Credits 14+7=21

Syllabus-Semester VI

Sr. No Course No. Course Title Credit
1 FST-3615 Product Development and Formulation 1+1=2
2 FST-3616 Specialty Foods 2+1=3
3 FST-3617 Extrusion Technology 1+1=2
4 FST-3618 Quality Assurance and Certification 2+1=3
5 FE-3610 Food Plant Design and Layout 1+2=3
6 FIM-366 Food Hygiene and Sanitation 2+1=3
7 FTBM-363 Entrepreneurship Development and Communication Skills 1+1=2
8 FTBM-364 Food Laws and Regulations 2+1=3
9 FTBM-365 Seminars 0+1=1
Total Credits 12+10=22

VII Semester- 25 (0+25) Credits Hands on Training

25 (0+25) credits are recommended for Hands on Training, in various Departments of the College of Food Technology (10 credits) Experiential Learning is recommended and at least two areas should be offered to the students during VII semester by the college as per the details mentioned below, depending upon the local needs and industrial demands.

VIII Semester- 30(0+30) credits

In- plant training for six months (off campus in Food Industries/Institutions)
In-plant Training 25(15+10)
Training Report Presentation and Evaluation 5 (0+5)

Admission Process:


  • XII Std. (Science) passed in 10+2 pattern from Maharashtra State Board of Higher Secondary Education or an equivalent Examination, with Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English.
  • Those who have not offered Mathematics shall have to complete deficiency courses as prescribed by respective University.

Admission Quota:

Sr No. Admission Quota Available
1. Maharashtra Quota ['M' Quota ] – Candidates from Maharashtra region 10
2. University Quota ['U' Quota] – Candidates from jurisdiction of the concerned 22
3. Management Quota 08
Total 40